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QIP Infium: Now SIP Inside!

The Russian subscribers have got a real alternative to Skype, one of the most famous internet communication programs. CNews found out, QIP developers finished QIP Infium program creation, integrated with SIPNET Russian telephony operator products and USB equipment for Skypemate voice communication. Besides the multi services messenger (like QIP Infium) the Russian users have got a service, enabling them to communicate with the whole world practically free of charge.

CNews learnt out, QIP Infium messenger beta-version development was finished in June 22, 2007. QIP Infium multi-services program supports ICQ, Jabber and XIMSS (SIP). The presence of the XIMSS module in the new product means that all the QIP Infium users will get the opportunity to communicate through the internet practically free of charge using the mentioned program. QIP Infium provides many new opportunities: the product supports not only numerous services but makes it possible to work with several profiles, plug-ins, unicode, etc.

QIP Infium is integrated with Skypemate hardware. It means that to use the internet telephony, it is necessary to acquire one of the many SkypeMate devices (for example, any USB handset). Then one may simply plug the bought device to the computer or notebook USB-port, and it will automatically attach to QIP Infium. The SIPNET card is already included into all the boxes with the SkypeMate products. The login and password recorded on the card are to be indicated in the XIMSS messenger tuning module.

Thus a user gets the opportunity to phone to any part of the world for token payment. Current Moscow and St. Petersburg connection is carried out absolutely free of charge. Anyone can phone to the user’s computer using a stationary telephone or a handset. It is enough to simply dial a special gate number (each town has its own number), and to dial SIP ID (recorded on the SIPNET card).

According to the developers such a solution has many advantages, form the possibility to significantly reduce telephone conversation expenses to the fact that the user receives an additional full-scale telephone line above all.

“QIP Infium is quite a unique product, - Sergey Kravtsov, Head of the Department on cooperation with SIP equipment suppliers told to the CNews correspondent. - At present it has attracted millions of communication service users both in Russia and abroad. It is just what the market needs, while SIPNET services integration into QIP Infium enables an ordinary internet user to estimate the VoIP advantages in full. We see that the product is rather easy in exploitation, and that is very important. At present it is enough to enter Euroset, Bely Veter, Polyaris or, buy any SkypeMate USB handset, fill up your personal account, launch your QIP Infium and simply start communicating”.

“The appearance of such a multi-services project like QIP Infium indicates that IP-telephony market has been developing in the right direction, when QIP Infium, SIPNET operator and Skypemate equipment suppliers combine their efforts to achieve one single goal. And our common goal is to make internet communication easier and more popular”, - Mikhail Usov, UMD Project, Means of Radio Communication Joint-Stock company Director General, the exclusive supplier and Skypemate trade mark owner in Russia says.

“There are many difficulties for an ordinary Russian resident to work with new technologies and equipment for such technologies (SIPNET, Skype, etc.), when using hardware to simply start working (registration, filling up the accounts)”, - Vladimir Tyurin, Euroset operators supervision Project Manager says. According to Mr. Tyurin, SkypeMate USB handsets are successfully sold and SIPNET payments are carried out in the Euroset retail outlets. QIP Infium allows people to start operating the sold equipment in short time and that is a great plus. The "switch on and start working” principle might interest many users and that will all ow to make even more people use the new equipment, distributed by our retail outlets”, - Vadim Tyurin thinks.

QIP Infium designers do not intend to stop and plan to add a great number of new possibilities to their product as well as to finish off the already existing products in the near future.

“Infim has combined those advantages that were collected during QIP 2005 creation and testing, - Ilkham Zyulkorneev, the projects author says. – Redesigning a wheel once again one already knows where the hidden problems might appear and tries no to repeat the former mistakes. Most of all we wanted not only to realize the possibility of supporting several profiles and different ways of transferring instant messages in Infium, but also to eliminate all the possible inconveniences and to create such an interface that is practically the same as the usual qip2005. Using Infium, you might now switch to different networks to send instant messages, beginning with Jabber and finishing with agent, everything depends on your desire and choice”.

Developers of Agent - QIP Infium messenger competitor – positively estimate the new product prospects on the market: “I can say that I appreciate QIP designers, who managed to create such an easy product that it has won over the greatest market share of the ICQ original product. I think they will be able to win over a part of Skype users in Russia, but not to replace the mentioned product”, - Anna Artamonova, Marketing Director believes. Finam agrees with Mrs. Artamonova but adds there is practically nothing to win from Skype. “According to our estimates not more than 300 thousand users exploit Skype at present. The market is far from being saturated. Those who are more serious in promoting their products might gain a worthy marketplace rather quickly”.

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